Answer to Petition to Establish Paternity, Parenting Plan, Time Sharing and Other Relief

If you have been served with papers relating to children and you were NOT married to the Petitioner, then the following forms apply to your case.

Either party may ask for a DNA or Genetic Tissue Typing test.

If you want to contest that the children are your's, you should consult an attorney. Dis-establishing paternity is not as easy as it sounds. In many cases, the parties must not only agree to dis-establish paternity, but there must be a simultaneous step parent adoption.

If you want to make certain the paternity case does NOT get dismissed, then you should file an answer and counterpetition. There may be a filing fee to file this form unless you qualify for indigency status. Call your local clerk of Court for more information. The Petitioner is required to file an answer to your counterpetition within 10 days.