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Common Sense Tips for Pro Se Litigants Round One:

You are pro se litigant if you are representing yourself in court. One of the most important things to do as a pro se litigant is to read your court mail carefully. This may sound silly but I have seen it happen over and over where a party has not carefully read the court document and failed to follow a rule, failed to comply with a request or notice, or worst of all, failed to comply with a court order.

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Stress Reduction During Stressful Times

These are stressful times, indeed. No matter which side of the aisle you’re on politically, no matter how you feel about the various government responses to the pandemic, and no matter how you are personally responding to the pandemic, it feels like we are all in pressure cooker.

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New Rules: Family Law Rule Civil Procedure Rule 12.285

Florida family financial disclosure rule 12.285 has changed. The new disclosure rule includes providing six (6) months of paycheck stubs, twelve (12) months of checking account statements, twenty-four (24)(!) months of credit card statements, and there is an entirely new requirement to include digital currency statements.

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