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Need to File an Emergency Motion for Child Pickup?

Petitioner Filing for Emergency Verified Motion for Child Pickup Order

This form should be used when you are the birth mother of a child born out of wedlock and no court order has awarded parental rights to the father. This form may also be used to enforce time sharing. However, the courts do not always grant this motion to enforce time sharing. With these forms, you must also file with the court with following:

  1. A certified copy of the court order showing you have legal custody or time sharing with the children

  2. A certified copy of the child’s birth certificate if you are the birth mother and no court order addresses paternity

  3. Or a certified copy of any judgement establishing paternity time sharing/custody

Verified Motion for Child Pick Up Order

Order to Pick Up Minor Child(ren)

Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Enforcement Affidavit