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Need to File for Divorce and Relocation?

Petitioner Filing for Divorce and Relocation

If you want to file for a divorce and relocation with the children then file the following forms. You do not need to file an affidavit of corroborating witness if your driver's license was issued at least six months before filing your divorce papers. You are allowed to black out your driver's license number before giving a copy to the court to show proof of your Florida residency, which is required in order to get divorced in Florida.


Civil Cover Sheet

Petition for Dissolution of Marriage and for Relocation with Minor Children

Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Enforcement Affidavit

Financial Affidavit Over $50,000

Financial Affidavit Under $50,000

Certificate of Compliance with Mandatory Disclosure

Notice of Social Security

Notice of Related Cases

Child Support Worksheet

Parenting Plan with Relocation

Affidavit of Corroborating Witness