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Need to File for Divorce with A Property Agreement With or Without Kids?

Petitioner Filing for Divorce Where the Parties Have an Agreement With Property and With or Without Children

You will not need to fill out or use the summons if both parties file their paperwork on time. If for some reason, your spouse does not file an answer, then you will need to serve all the paperwork on your spouse by the sheriff with the summons. Every time a family law case is opened, you will need to fill out a civil cover sheet. If the family law case includes children, then a uniform child custody jurisdiction enforcement affidavit must also be filed. All divorce filings also require a notice of social security and notice of related cases to be filed.

Financial affidavits are usually required unless the parties have no children, no assets, and no debts. You do not need to file an affidavit of corroborating witness if your driver's license was issued at least six months before filing your divorce papers. You are allowed to blackout your driver's license number before giving a copy to the Court to show proof of your Florida residency, which is required in order to get divorced in Florida.