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Criminal Law Self-Help

In most criminal cases, if the defendant is unable to retain an attorney, the Court will appoint an attorney to represent them. There are a few cases where an attorney is not court-appointed for a defendant, and this is where Self Help Legal Services can help you.

Modify or Terminate Probation

There are a few instances where Self-Help Legal P.A. can be useful in criminal cases. If you are on probation and want to either modify or terminate your probation, Self-Help Legal P.A. can help you. It can be very expensive to hire an attorney to help you terminate or modify your probation, but with Self-Help Legal P.A., most cases would only cost $400.

I would draft your motion, prepare your testimony and your witness testimony, and prepare your exhibits/documents to be entered into evidence. I would instruct you on how to set your motion for a hearing, I can draft subpoenas for you and give you tips on proper court etiquette.

Each case has a unique set of facts, and nobody knows the facts like the client! If you have been a good probationer, have good reasons for your motion and can show the Judge the sincerity of your cause, and in cases of termination, have completed at least one half of your probation

Correcting Mistakes

A "mistake" is when the Judge says one thing in court, but a different ruling is written down on paper in the Judgement and Sentence. What the Judge says in open court always trumps what is written down on paper.

When this type of mistake is made, there is an easy way to fix it. You have to file a Motion to Correct Mistake and set it for a hearing. In order to prove the mistake, you will have to order a transcript of the proceeding.

All criminal cases are recorded. All you need is the date and the case number and you will be able to order the transcript of the proceedings. Once you have the transcript (that will show the judge said something different than what was written down), you can file your motion and set it for a hearing. This is one case you cannot lose and most of the time you will not even have to go to court!